Ground Level Platform is pleased to announce Jurassic Warp, a browser-based experience created by KT Duffy and María Luisa
Sanín Peña.

Reception Hangouts:

Friday May 8th 19:30 (CT) - 21:30 (CT)

Saturday May 9th 11:00 (CT) - 14:00 (CT)

A few years ago the practice of mindfulness was reaching its peak. Allegedly a cure-all for mental ailments, mindfulness asked us to focus intensely on the moment. During COVID-19, mindfulness seems to be the only way to exist: paying close attention to the minutiae of our bodies. The experience of time becomes altered, stuck in this perpetual, Groundhog-day, present tense.

Through a series of VR spaces, Jurassic Warp takes the form of waiting rooms in both a literal and abstract sense. The concept of waiting, so relevant in our current moment, distills time to its bare essence by asking us to observe the process of it passing.

KT Duffy’s digital environments are colorful transmedia mashups that ask the viewer to imagine alternate forms that arise when the embodied experience of time collapses. María Luisa Sanín Peña’s videos re-imagine the dinosaur game that activates on Google Chrome when there is no Internet connection and utilizes this moment of non-productivity as a perpetual narrative.  

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