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February 14 - 29 2020

*open with appointments only - groundlevelplatform@gmail.com


Ground Level Platform is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition by Bonny Nahmias.


In this exhibition, Nahmias continues to explore a project she began in the winter of 2017 where she stretched a tin can telephone in places where communication has been broken by geography, modernity, and politics. Over the past few years, the string has found its way over gaps and barriers such as the separation wall between Palestine and Israel, or peak to peak in Twin Peaks, San Francisco, CA. Bringing this project to an indoor space for the first time, Nahmias chose to create a multi tin can telephone installation accompanied by a book, The Orchestra Of Space Holders, to serve as a guide through a distant yet intimate conversation. Each page is followed by creatures who carry the protective/evil eye on their chest and exist to help us ponder and perhaps understand the commonly used term “to hold space”. 

Do we hold space? How do we hold space? Why do we hold it? And who do we hold it for/with?