Ground Level Platform is saying goodbye.



Ground Level Platform is saddened to inform our community that we will be permanently closing our exhibition space due to stresses from COVID-19 and immigration policy that resulted in the loss of a vital member.


We started this space in 2019 with the hopes of altering the traditional dynamic between artists & audience members, and creating a platform for ambitious projects that didn’t require an academic background to engage with. Throughout the course of our time together, we’ve been amazed by the skill and creativity of the artists we’ve showcased, as well as the openness and vulnerability of audience members from all backgrounds. 

We’re devastated to close Ground Level, which feels more necessary than ever in this time of isolation. Still, we are so thankful for the enriching relationships and experiences we’ve formed with our community members.

GLP would like to offer a special thank you to ACRE Projects, Lindsey Ciszewski, Sunny Han, Kevin and Hell, Danielle Lasker, David Melendez, Shinnosuke Miyake, and Cheongi, our tireless mascot. Thank you so much to our participating artists and community members for all the love, support, and hard work that made this space possible.

We will continue to use our online platform to showcase work and events that are in keeping with the GLP spirit and archive past projects on our website.

We hope that you all continue to create smart and generous things; art or otherwise. 

Seomy Ahn, Sam Fisch & Cecilia Iwata