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Ground Level is a non-gallery arts platform and event space. Our mission is to integrate the audience into art experiences. Our name implies an equal and non-hierarchical playing field. We are a shoes-off space, so come prepared to leave your shoes and expectations at the door. We support a range of events focused on audience participation and artful living. 

Ye Seom Ahn (Seomy) is a something, a person, a not-really-sure-how-to-categorize-herselfer, a maker of art-things, a textile artist or more specifically a weaver, but also a sculptor and doer of other things that are not specifically fibers and a not-wanting-to-be-limited-by-identifying-herself-in-any-one-way type of person. Seomy is a really nice, wonderful, and lovely person. Also she did not write this, the other more obnoxious co-founder did.

Samuel Ezra Fisch (Sam) is a writer of other peoples biographies, and occasionally also of his own. Sam is not the kind of person who usually writes about himself in third person, but sometimes he makes exceptions. Sam also makes "art-stuff", but really hopes to get that out of his system. IDK if you want to see their stuff just google them or something, they have personal websites, but this platform isn't really about them, it's a space to connect people, they WE are just the co-founders.

Cecilia Iwata makes cakes for a living and occasionally for her art practice. Her work explores alternative metrics of value that are based on generosity rather than scarcity. 

Cheong (Cheongi) is the only co-founder above our equal level, even though she gives love without exception, she likes to take the higher ground, and we all look up to her for it.